Multifunctional portable station of radiation control and monitoring “VECTOR”

The multifunctional portable station of radiological control and monitoring “VECTOR” is intended for search, definition of localization and express identification of radioactive and nuclear materials.

The station provides an opportunity:

  • in real time to determine the spectral composition of radioactive radiation, which provides an opportunity to identify the type of radionuclides (americium, ruthenium, strontium, etc.) at the site of measurements;
  • determine the density of surface contamination by gamma-emitting radionuclides;
    to organize a dynamic method of searching for low-level radioactive materials;
  • detect radioactive materials in objects that move quickly;
  • automatically determine the geographical coordinates of the operator working with the product.

The station is an element of the radiation reconnaissance subsystem and can be used:

  • when conducting foot radiation reconnaissance;
  • when conducting mobile radiation reconnaissance;
  • when conducting aviation radiation reconnaissance.

The station was operated for 7 years in areas of severe and weak radioactive contamination of the Chernobyl NPP and at the Semipalatinsk test site (Russia), was used for radiation reconnaissance in Yugoslavia (Kosovo), as well as in various radiation accidents.



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