Participation in the International Conference “FISA 2022 / EURADWASTE’22”

Участь у Міжнародній конференції «FISA 2022 / EURADWASTE’22»

Anna Proskura, a researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, took part in the FISA 2022 / EURADWASTE’22 International Conference, which took place from May 30 to June 3, 2022 (Lyon, France). The event was attended by over 490 participants from 49 countries. The next conference will take place in 3 years.

During the conference, Anna Proskura presented a poster and theses on the topic: “Development of a methodology for waste acceptance criteria for geopolymer matrices” (B. Zlobenko, G. Proskura), led and co-authored with senior researcher at the Institute Boris Zlobenko.

The results of scientific achievements within the framework of the PREDIS project № 945098 were presented at the conference (Work Package 2, 5). Previous research has shown that the need to find new methods of radwaste disposal is due to the need to preserve and restore the environment and ensure environmental safety. Properly designed and cured, geopolymers develop key properties to make the material very impermeable. In many studies, geopolymer matrices have shown a high ability to retain radionuclides.

Most applications of geopolymers are still under development, while others are already patented and used on an industrial scale. Therefore, further research and consolidation may be needed to ensure that geopolymers are widely recognized as a waste matrix.

Thus, the presented research results may be useful in further research and development of methods for disposal of solid and liquid radioactive waste.

Also, during the FISA 2022 / EURADWASTE ’22 conference, emphasis was placed on the urgent need to address the issue of “energy poverty”. Mankind has gone through a crisis of health, is now going through a crisis of war and there will be a crisis of energy. Energy will be less and it will become more expensive. The issue of energy poverty needs to be addressed. Dependence on Russian gas must be solved without creating new dependencies. Nuclear energy can be a solution, but not in the short term.

Also, the need for involvement and education for young people was noted. The conference focused on the fact that more than 60 percent of the staff in the field of nuclear energy is over 50 years old. That is why dialogue and effective learning for young people must be established. The conference is critical for the further development of nuclear energy in the world, promotes the exchange of information and developments, as well as forms new promising areas of scientific and practical developments.

Участь у Міжнародній конференції «FISA 2022 / EURADWASTE’22»