Automated complex of spectral friction of human internal radiation «SCRINER»

The automated complex “SCRINER” is intended for express assessment of radionuclide contamination of the human body and determination of its functional state.

The complex allows you to quickly:

  • determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of radionuclides and their activity in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and other human organs;
  • to carry out fast monitoring of all body for presence in it of radionuclides with ultralow activity;
  • assess individual radiation dose load per person;
  • identify critical groups (risk groups) with high radionuclide content;
  • choose the most effective sorption drugs or other methods of removing radionuclides from the body.

The complex is intended for operation in specialized medical or medical and preventive institutions. The complex was awarded a gold medal at the International High Technology Forum in Brussels. The development has certificates of Ukraine, Russia and the Republic of Belarus. The product is mass-produced and used in clinics in many countries.


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