NATO Project G5798 “NATO Project G5798”

NATO Project G5798 «NATO Project G5798»

On January 22, 2021, NATO project G5798 “Nanoparticle-based sensor for the detection of anthrax and tuberculosis in real time” (A novel Nanoparticle based Real-Time Sensor for B. anthracis and M. tuberculosis) was launched at the IGNS NAS of Ukraine. NanoSat)) within the framework of NATO’s Science for Peace program.

The project leader is Cardiff University (UK), and the partners are four organizations, namely:

  1. State Institution Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine;
  2. State Institution “Institute of Surface Chemistry. OO Chuyka ”of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (STATE INSTITUTION“ CHUIKO INSTITUTE OF SURFACE CHEMISTRY ”, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF UKRAINE), Ukraine;
  3. Experimental Institute of Zooprophylaxis of Puglia and Basilicates (ISTITUTO ZOOPROFILATTICO SPERIMENTALE DELLA PUGLIA E DELLA BASILICATA), Italy;
  4. Municipal Enterprise Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical and Preventive Center “Phthisiology” of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council (COMMUNAL ENTERPRISE DNIPROPETROVSK REGIONAL CLINICAL AND PROPHYLACTIC CENTER “PHTHISIOLOGY” OF THE DNIPROPETROVSK REGIONAL CO. Ukraine).

It is nice to note that the two institutions represent the NAS of Ukraine. The project involves young scientists who will be able to go on internships and participate in advanced training in various institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

More information about the project can be found on the official project page at the link:

We wish success to the scientific consortium and new, interesting discoveries.