Measuring complex «OZONE AQUA»

This measuring system is used for monitoring groundwater and surface water.

The system provides automation of the following functions:

  • control of relative changes in water level;
  • temperature control;
  • determination of relative changes in electrical conductivity;
  • accumulation and storage of water regime databases;
  • information support of interested services.

The OZONE AQUA system allows to solve the following main tasks at the modern technical level:

  • collection, systematization and accumulation of information on water regime;
  • situation assessment and forecasting of changes in the hydrogeological situation;
  • operational preparation of hydrogeological information and various forecasts of water regime elements;
  • information services for specialized enterprises, public authorities and local governments.

Significant advantages of the complex:

  • possibility of conducting round-the-clock monitoring with receiving data in real time;
  • high level of automation of information collection and processing;
  • high sensitivity;
  • self-testing of functionally important components;
  • high protection of the complex from anthropogenic impact and destruction;
  • low energy consumption;
  • relatively low cost.

Comparative characteristics of “OZONE AQUA” and “TURO” meters

Meter “OZONE AQUA”Conductivity sensor of the company “TURO”
(μSM / cm)
2 – 200,010,050 – 800,020,02
20 – 2000,10,5580 – 80033
200 – 200015
-2 – +500,010,1-2 – +500,010,05
Cost550 EUR~5000 EUR


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