Multifunctional analyzer for radiation anomalies and well core research «МАК-1»

“MAK-1” is a software and hardware complex designed for storage and processing of information related to the detection and analysis of radioactive anomalies in wells.

Main characteristics:

  • number of registration channels – 2, including: measurement channel of the integral component of radiation and channel of measurement of the spectral component of radiation;
  • sensitivity – 10 Bq / l;
  • the instability of the calibration characteristic of the transformation per hour of continuous operation does not exceed 2%;
  • the limit of permissible relative error of DER measurement – does not exceed 25%;
  • the range of energies of the registered radiation from 5 to 3000 keV;
  • energy dependence in the range from 0.06-3.0 MeV ± 25%;
  • maximum input of statistical loading no more than 10000 imp./s .;
  • operating temperature – from -35 ° C to +50 ° C.

The equipment is recommended for use in mapping of radioactive natural anomalies and contaminants of man-made nature.



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