Innovative developments

Портативна робоча станція для комплексного рідіаційного моніторингу об’єктів навколишнього середовища «FOOD LIGHT»


Highly sensitive measuring device designed for measurements in stationary and mobile conditions. It is the best combination of sensors and meters with know-how that uses original software and algorithms for pulse processing. This combination provides very high sensitivity, amazing calculation speed and stable measurement results.

Установка з переробки медичних відходів «MEDWASTE-01»


Highly automated installation designed for use in clinics and hospitals, for processing and treatment of potentially contaminated solid medical waste. Waste that has been treated can then be disposed of as household waste. Unlike existing technologies, dioxins and furans are not released as a result of processing.

Безпілотний літальний апарат «БЛА R-100»

UAV R-100

Unmanned aerial vehicle designed for high-performance field treatment with biological plant protection products. The electronic on-board system provides control of the aircraft in automatic and radio-controlled flight modes in severe weather conditions. The R-100 UAV requires an equipped runway and a parking space, which allows for more efficient and effective use of the device than existing light aircraft.

Аерогаммаспектрометричний бортовий комплекс дистанційного виявлення ядерно-радіаційних матеріалів і джерел іонізуючого випромінювання «АСПЕК»


Aerogammaspectrometric on-board complex for remote detection of nuclear radiation materials and sources of ionizing radiation, designed for conducting on board aircraft (aircraft, helicopter) remote radiation, as well as chemical and thermal reconnaissance and operational radiation monitoring of large areas.

Багатофункціональна портативна станція радіаційного контролю і моніторингу “ВЕКТОР”


Multifunctional portable station for radiological control and monitoring, designed to search, determine the location and rapid identification of radioactive and nuclear materials.

Лазерна терапевтична лікувально-профілактична установка багатофункціонального призначення «ГЕЛІОС»


The HELIOS unit is a multifunctional medical-diagnostic laser center and is designed for the treatment and prevention of more than 100 nosological groups of diseases and syndromes.

Лікувальна медична установка «ГІППОКРАТ»


The device is designed for vacuum massage during therapeutic procedures by creating a vacuum and pressing the applicator to the patient’s body with a simultaneous effect on the treatment area of vibration and acupuncture. It is recommended to use the installation during treatment and prevention procedures in inpatient and outpatient settings.



The plant is designed for the synthesis of biodiesel in a stream produced from any vegetable oils (including waste) or animal fats (plant capacity from 15 thousand tons / year of biodiesel).

Багатофункціональний аналізатор для пошуку радіаційних аномалій та дослідження керна свердловин «МАК-1»


Software and hardware complex designed for storage and processing of information related to the detection and analysis of radioactive anomalies in wells.

Вимірювальний комплекс «ОЗОВ АКВА»


This measuring system is used for monitoring groundwater and surface water.
The OZONE AQUA system allows to solve the following main tasks at the modern technical level: collection, systematization and accumulation of information on the water regime; situation assessment and forecasting of changes in the hydrogeological situation; operational preparation of hydrogeological information and various forecasts of water regime elements; information services for specialized enterprises, public authorities and local governments.



The automated complex “SCREENER” is intended for express assessment of radionuclide contamination of the human body and determination of its functional state.
The complex is intended for operation in specialized medical or medical and preventive institutions. The complex was awarded a gold medal at the International High Technology Forum in Brussels. The development has certificates of Ukraine, Russia and the Republic of Belarus. The product is mass-produced and used in clinics in many countries.

Система контролю і моніторингу тритію «ТріУМФ»


The system is designed to measure the specific activity of tritium and carbon-14 by their beta radiation in the environment, biological samples and process environments of nuclear power plants.



This system of purification of industrial oil of various modifications differs in productivity, degree of automation and type of execution and provides in industrial conditions any set class of purity.