Technological system of biodiesel production «INERTON»

The plant is designed for the synthesis of biodiesel in a stream produced from any vegetable oils (including waste) or animal fats (plant capacity from 15 thousand tons / year of biodiesel).

Main characteristics:

  • based on pulsed electromagnetic treatment of the reaction components in the form of vegetable oil and methyl alcohol, which leads to the intensification of the transesterification reaction – the main reaction of biodiesel;
  • allows to produce biodiesel without long readjustment from any kind of vegetable oil, and also fats of an animal origin;
  • productivity of one module makes 3 tons of biodiesel fuel per hour, annual productivity of the module at two-shift work makes 15 thousand tons;
  • the equipment is very compact, the reactor itself occupies an area of ​​3-5 square meters. m, it is easy to transport and install;
  • in the production of biodiesel in flow mode consumes no more than 0.005 kW of electricity per 1 liter of biodiesel;
  • biodiesel fuel meets the European standard EN14214;
  • staff training and preparation is not required.


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