Medical treatment plant «HIPPOCRATES»

The device is designed for vacuum massage during therapeutic procedures by creating a vacuum and pressing the applicator to the patient’s body with a simultaneous effect on the treatment area of vibration and acupuncture. It is recommended to use the installation during treatment and prevention procedures in inpatient and outpatient settings.


  • smooth adjustment of the degree of vacuum in the range from 0 to 30 kPa;
  • there is a control and record of parameters of therapeutic session;
  • allows you to choose a standard (recommended) method of treatment;
  • works in automatic mode;
  • smoothly changes the oscillation frequency in the range from 10 to 5000 Hz for a given program.

Can be used in:

  • physiotherapy rooms;
  • children’s and general medical and health institutions;
  • sanatoriums;
  • homes for the elderly and disabled;
  • rehabilitation centers;
  • beauty salons.


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