Portable workstation for integrated radiation monitoring of environmental objects «FOOD LIGHT»

Highly sensitive measuring device designed for measurements in stationary and mobile conditions. It is the best combination of sensors and meters with know-how that uses original software and algorithms for pulse processing. This combination provides very high sensitivity, amazing calculation speed and stable measurement results.

Our devices have a wide spectral range of measurements, which increases the ability to detect various types of radionuclides. We use electronic components from leading manufacturers – Hamamatsu, Intel, Altera, which are highly reliable, easy to program, have a high level of integration and low power consumption.

The technical solutions implemented in this device provide a service life of at least 10 years and a failure time of at least 10,000 hours. Everything makes FOOD LIGHT a leader among such devices.

FOOD LIGHT – a specialized device for measuring radioactivity:

  • in the water;
  • in liquid and solid foods;
  • in soil samples;
  • in building materials, wood and other materials.

Anyone who has read the operating instructions carefully can use the device.

In the range of measurements up to 40 Bq the green LED is lit, in the range of measurements from 40 to 100 Bq the yellow LED lights up, in the range above 1000 Bq the red indicator lights up. Measurement ranges are regulated by the operator in accordance with the requirements of local legislation (radiation standards). Thus, the device has a very important function – fast food sorting. FOOD LIGHT allows you to detect contaminated product without waiting for the end of the measurement.

Technical data:

The device uses scintillation detectors based on CsI crystals (T1), size 63×63 mm. The device has 40 mm lead protection; products for measurements are placed in a Marinelli vessel with a volume of 1 liter.

The volume of the liquid sample is not less than a liter, the weight of the dry sample is not less than 1 kg.



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