Industrial oil purification system «FOJ»

“FOG” (dielectric filter) of various modifications differs in productivity, degree of automation and type of execution and provides in industrial conditions any set class of purity.

Main advantages:

  • The purity class of turbine oil up to 6-8 according to GOST 17216-03 in industrial conditions is provided.
  • Cleaning is carried out without stopping the turbine unit by connecting to the bypass line.
  • The system has no replaceable expensive elements.
  • It has low hydraulic resistance.
  • The degree of automation of the system allows you to work around the clock and does not require the constant presence of the operator.
  • The system has a diagnostic subsystem that provides information on the number of retained contaminants and the need for regeneration.
  • In the event of any problems, both in the equipment itself and in external systems that affect the quality of cleaning, the safety system automatically disconnects the FOG both from the power supply and completely blocks the entrance and exit to the FOG hydraulic system.
  • The total power consumption of the system does not exceed 2-3 kW.
  • The regeneration time of the electric cleaner does not exceed 5 minutes;
  • The degree of regeneration is 100%.
  • Service life before major repairs is not less than 10 years.

The installation was used during the launch of new power units at Rivne, Khmelnytsky and Kalinin NPPs.


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