Admission to graduate school

Rules of admission to graduate school 2021

List of documents for admission to graduate school

Applicants to graduate school submit the following documents:

  • statement addressed to the director of the IGNC NAS of Ukraine;
  • copy of passport (1, 2, 11 st.) and identification code;
  • a copy of the document (s) on the obtained master’s degree (specialist) and the appendix to it;
  • Copy of military ID or certificate of enlistment (for conscripts);
  • personnel record sheet, stamped by the personnel department at the place of work;
  • medical certificate of health form № 086-o;
  • Four 3 x 4 cm color photos;
  • certificate of passing the candidate exams (if you have passed the exams);
  • a copy of the certificate certifying knowledge of a foreign language (if any);
  • research proposal (abstract);
  • list of published scientific papers and inventions (if available);
  • Minutes of the interview and review of the abstract by the prospective supervisor.

Passport, diploma of higher education and diploma of scientific degree are submitted by the entrant personally.