Aerogammaspectrometric on-board complex for remote detection of nuclear radiation materials and sources of ionizing radiation «ASPEK»

The multi-purpose complex “ASPEK” is designed for conducting on board the aircraft (aircraft, helicopter) remote radiation, as well as chemical and thermal reconnaissance of the area and operational radiation monitoring of large areas.

The complex provides an opportunity:

  • to conduct remote monitoring in real time with the registration of the level of radioactive contamination of the area;
  • determine the presence and spatial distribution of a radioactive cloud directly on board the aircraft, as well as at the ground station according to the information transmitted by radio;
  • to determine the density of spatial distribution and radionuclide components of radioactive contamination of the area, capacity and directions of their distribution;
  • organize a search and determine the exact location of local radioactive spots or point sources of gamma radiation, as well as determine their type and activity;
  • to obtain final (in the form of a map) information on the nature of the distribution on the surface of radioactive substances with high spatial resolution and sensitivity, visualization of their spatial distribution and identification of the isotopic composition by the spectrum of gamma radiation;
  • to conduct an examination and determine the effectiveness of measures for radiation decontamination of the area;
  • to periodically monitor the radiation status of nuclear material storage sites.

The complex “ASPEK” can be effectively used for:

  • assessment of the situation in accidents of natural and man-made accidents;
    selective remote control of potentially dangerous objects (oil storages, oil and gas pipelines);
  • conducting operational reconnaissance of the area for radiation and chemical pollution, exploration of the nature and type of pollution;
  • detection, assessment and forecast of the development of the emergency situation as a result of emissions of radioactive and harmful chemicals, fires;
  • determination of scales of accidents and catastrophes with simultaneous determination of coordinates and limits of defeat;
  • radiation, chemical, thermal monitoring of the environment in order to justify the nature and scope of preventive measures to ensure industrial and environmental safety;
  • conducting environmental expertise to support and make management decisions on environmental management and public safety;
  • remote search of deposits of non-radioactive minerals – kimberlite tubes, rare earth and gold ore deposits;
  • remote search of uranium deposits;
  • remote search of oil fields.


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